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  Will Aymond purple heart    Will Aymond Mesquite bowl  Rolf Grimstedt Reading Lam  Bob Franke Goblet 

Will Aymond went into a flurry of studying square bowls. He got some purpleheart from Roger Felps and turned a square bowl and a little saucer. He also showed us an earlier bowl of mesquite. He had a lot of trouble and learned a lot, but he is intrepid and will rule the day. Speaking of rule, Rolf Grimstvedt showed a dandy adjustable reading lamp with built in shelf that had several turned parts incorporated in a very nice whole. From tall and thin to small and thin, Bob Franke brought what will be his entry in next months thin goblet challenge, a goblet  of mahogany. 

Tom Canfield Pine Square Bowl  Tom Canfield Sycamore Bowl  Tom Canfield Pecan Bowl

Tom Canfield showed an interesting square practice bowl from a piece of 2’X6’ pine to show the value of practicing on cheap wood. On a finer piece of spalted sycamore Tom showed a remarkable natural edged bowl of striking grain. Finally he brought an interesting natural edged piece of pecan that he finished on a vacuum chuck he got at SWAT. It was so full of holes that nobody would believe the vacuum chuck story until he explained that the holes were so full of bug debris that they stayed whole long enough to finish the piece.