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       Tom Canfield Mulberry/Walnut bowl  Paul Hewett Matrone burl and chinaberry bottle stoppers  James Johnson's chinese pistache hollow form with elipses James Johnson's elipse drawing machineWendell White acrylic "Living Stone" Wendel White Walnut with acrylic topWendel White Acrylic
Tom Canfield’s mulberry/walnut bowl was an excellent example of making a success out of cutting through the bottom of a bowl.  Paul Hewett showed some madrone burl and chinaberry bottle stoppers from kits made by a friend, Ruth Niles at James Johnson showed a Chinese pistache hollow form that had suffered from some cracks in the side. James erased the cracks by carving very well chosen ellipses in a pleasing array. The ellipses were drawn by his second show-and-tell, a homemade ellipse generator he made many years ago. Wendell White showed a great walnut chip and dip set with a covered bowl of an acrylic countertop material sold under the trade name of “LivingStone”. Until his recent retirement, Wendell was an installer of this product and learned, as you can see, all of the tricks-of-the-trade.