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     George Hatfield table legs silver maple     George Hatfield feet for base George Hatfield base for legs

The redoubtable George Hatfield from “Down Under” came to see us again after several years’ absence. He is a skew wizard, and a professional woodturner retired to become a woodturner at a more suitable pace. He brought a couple of table legs he turned out of soft maple (silver leaf maple) after gave up on trying to turn them out of hard maple. He showed us the legs and a base that he turned and even a cleaver way of turning multiple feet for the base (that would have a nice curve to match the base) from a single disk of wood. (I have put the picture upside down to show the position they would be for gluing to the bottom of the base.

Joel Haby, bowls 1 and 2 Joel Haby, bowls 3 and 4 James Johnson twice dyed bowl, box elder.  Vern Hallmark Hickory stool Harold Dykes segmented bowl

Joel Haby showed his first four bowls of mesquite. Very impressive. James Johnson brought a twice dyed, beautiful grained bowl of box elder. Vern Hallmark showed the completed stool of Hickory that he demoed at his open shop and even pointed out a smooth repair of a misaligned leg that was the result of the pressure to perform. Finally our own “redoubtable” Harold Dykes brought a small segmented hollow form of exquisite character.