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    James Johnson walnut platter of great feather Jerry deGroot golfball ornamentVern Hallmark Soapberry bowl Trenton Green, ash bowl James Johnson showed an interesting large bowl/platter of walnut that has been rough-turned for 11years. He finally got around to finishing it, and revealed the beautiful feathered thing. He tried hand rubbed poly on it at first and the wood did not like it, so he sanded off the poly and put a wax on it. The wood responded quite well. Jerry DeGroot, inspired by Joe Johnson’s golf ball jig last month decided to hollow out a golf ball and make it into a Christmas ornament. He said that you can’t hollow out just any golf ball, especially not a Schlesinger #4 of solid rubber, but the #2 is OK. Vern Hallmark showed us a soapberry bowl with a neat hole so you can easily see how thick the base is (not a wood defect, a wood feature.) Finally, Trenton Green, a new turner, showed us his great first bowl of ash