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Show and Tell:    We are honored to have a volunteer professional photographer, a former photographer from the Kerrville Times, Mr. Larry Turley.  The pictures are his and the thanks from the editor are his too.

Roger Arnold brought a plate of spalted hackberry and a lovely box of spalted pecan and myrtle. Marcy Dunn brought a strange device of pine she called a coffee mug, which didn’t seem right since the base was so narrow and there was this cutaway down ¾ of the side. Oh… now I see. The long base is for a car’s cup holder. Wow!

Tom Canfield brought a little colored box elder toothpick holder. Really small for somebody who likes to make bigger things, usually. Tom also brought a natural opening hollow form of Magnolia.  Perhaps he was aware that Anna Rachinsky was bringing a larger hollow form of walnut. Larger for her, but with a graceful shape. She swore “never again” as she is well known for her earrings and tiny boxes and decorations.

Raúl Peña brought an exquisite box having a large top with an inlayed dragonfly and carefully realistically drawn wings. Raúl is becoming interested in marquetry and, as usual, shows his artistic habits.