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Roger Arnold brought a good natural edged bowl and announced that is had been made by one of his students and had received an award for his age group in a showing. Here it is.
Student bowl presented by his teacher Roger Arnold
Jerry DeGroot claims he is just beginning turning and brought these bowls turned from slabs of wood he has generated. (He has a sawmill and is an experienced and well known woodworker) See and believe. Slab shown.
Jerry DeGroot's slab bowls
Harold Dykes Brought a magnificent segmented box.
Harold Dykes segmented box.
James Johnson brought back the finished box elder bowl we saw earlier and another with a dual finish of black/red.
James Johnson with two massive bowls of box elder
From big to small with imagination, skill and wood being the only common elements, Anna Rachinsky brought two boxes.
Two boxes by Anna Rachinsky