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Roger Felps did a very good bowl taken from an article by Brendan Stemp in the AAW magazine. Stemp's article shows how one can turn the object in four axes.
Roger Felps and the bowl turned ever-which=way
Jerry DeGroot had a box from last month's show-and-tell that he rescued with scroll saw and inlace.
J. DeGroot and his inlace/bandsaw box rescue
Other bowls and boxes that Jerry DeGroot brought
Jerry DeGroot platter and inlaced boxJerry DeGroot, rescued box and platter
Vern Hallmark showed a couple of magnolia bowls in development.
Vern Hallmark magnolia bowls in progress
Salt and Pepper shakers by Harold Dykes. The bottom of each is an inverted cone with a 2mm sized hole in the top. The sides of the cone are hollow and when shaken, the salt (or pepper) in bounced against a domed area of the lid which knocks the salt into the hole. Sitting on a flat surface keeps the moisture and dust from getting to the salt/pepper.
Harold Dykes' old time salt and pepper shakers, segmented