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Harold Dykes 1st place Beads of CourageJoe Johnson 2nd place Beads of CourageRoger Felps 3rd place Beads of CourageRoger Arnold 4th place Beads of Courage
Here are, in order, the winners of the "Beads of Courage" contest to make boxes for the beads collected by children for undergoing medical procedures for cancer treatment. They get lots of beads and the children or their parents will have somewhere to keep them.
The winners were:
1st Place   Harold Dykes
2nd Place   Joe Johnson
3rd Place   Roger Felps
4th Place   Roger Arnold

This is a chance to see all of the boxes that were submitted in more detail. Below, in order, are the rest of us-Will Aymond, Uel Clanton, Vern Hallmark, Ken Morton, Kathy Roberts and Jerre Williams.
Will Aymond BOC boxUel CLanton BOC boxVern Hallmark BOC boxKen Morton BOC boxKathy Roberts BOC boxJerre Williams BOC box