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Harold Dykes "Joseph" vase of many colorsMini-vase on same wood as "Joseph"Harold Dykes showed a vase of many hundred pieces he called "Joseph" as it has many colors. He surprised his wife with a tiny (see the quarter) but equally impressive alternative.
Jerry DeGroot scalloped top cup of box-elderJerry DeGroot showed this nice scalloped top cup of box elder.
James Johnson and a split/recombined box elder veselThis large vessel by James Johnson had a split, was cut in half and recombined as a whole, but no longer round, unity. The shape is very interesting.
L A Cude Maple and Purpleheart box for BofcVern Hallmark box with inlayed dinosaur for Beads of CourageThese two boxes made to give to the Beads of Courage program to children in cancer treatment were made by L. A. Cude (maple and purpleheart) and Vern Hallmark (dinosaur and butterfly inlays). Not all of our skill is in turning.
Roger Felps with a chinaberry vessel decorated.Steve Promo's student's vessel in multi styles.Roger Felps showed a chinaberry decorated vessel. Steve Promo's student Jim Ruttledge showed s bowl in multi styles (basced on top, pyrography on bottom) and Multiple colors.