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Will Aymond Maple Pepper GrinderWill Aymond Clock (maple)Tom Canfield Bradly Pear Bowl (Big and Little)Alan Trout's "Purple Haze" resin hollow formWill Aymond showed his maple pepper grinder and his maple clock, complete with window to show the pendulum. Tom Canfield brought a Bradley pear set of bowls large and tiny. As part of his demo on resin impregnated turnings, Alan Trout of San Antonio showed his "Purple Haze" hollow form.
Jerry DeGroot mesquite bowlHarlod Dykes "star" bowlRoger Felps inlayed hollow formGeorge Taylor winestopper display and colored, textured bowlDebbie and Jimmy Walker mesquite bowlJerry DeGroot showd a well formed mesquite bowl. Harold Dykes brought a segmented bowl with diamond pieces incorporated into the structure to form a star shaped area in the base echoed with star inserts at the top. Roger Felps brought an inlayed walnut hollow form. George Taylor brought a mesquite based display of numerous wine stoppers of wood and resin. He also had an interesting colored bowl with well textured sides. Debbie and Jimmy Walker brought a primative bowl turning that requited many hours and special bracing because of its numerous voids. The end result was attractive and well finished and nobody was injured.