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James Johnson's double-dyed hollowform Kathy Hampton box elder angelJames Johnson was doing the demo and showed this double-dyed hollow form of box elder. Kathy Hampton showed an angel made from a beautiful piece of box elder.
Roger Farris decorated hollow form vase Roger Farris made bois d'arc bowl with L.A. Cude finishRoger Farris had a couple of pieces, a well decorated hollow forms and, with finish by L.A. Cude, an attractive bois d'arc bowl.
Tom Canfield ash platter Jig for reversing the ash platter, Tom Canfield Redbud hollow form with decoration by Tom Canfield Tom Canfield got a nice sheet of ash intended for the center panel of a cabinet door and turned it into a beautiful platter. He was able to reverse the platter for finishing the bottom and still keep the center by using a cleaver combination of a threaded plug for his live center that fits into a spindle tapped faceplate. The other side of the faceplate was covered in double-sided tape and pressed against the finished face of the piece.
Tom's other piece was a redbud hollow form, double ended and with a third, smaller hole embellished with a tiny bit of turquoise inlace.