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George Taylor Demo PiecesGeorge Taylor Box Elder bowlGeorge Taylor Painted, Textured, Colored Bowl George Taylor gave the demonstration of painting and texturing pieces, and here are a few of his samples. The first group contains a piece that he got from David Agar was made by David to demo some of his techniques.
James Hampton Box Elder bowl, Pecan PlatterJerry DeGroot Beads of Courage BoxesJerry DeGroot Mini Birdcages James Hampton showed an striking spalted Pecan platter and a Box Elder Bowl.  Jerry DeGroot brought two glass studded boxes for donation to the "Beads of Courage" program.
Linda Arnold LighthouseRoger Arnold Box Elder bowlRich Grable grinding jig Linda Arnold showed a well turned Mesquite lighthouse. Husband Roger a Box Elder Bowl.  Rich Grable showed his homemade grinding jig.
Anna Rachinsky "turban" box.Larry Walton, Ambrosia Hackberry BowlTom Canfield chinaberry platter Anna Rachinsky showed a box with a modified "onion" shape lid. Larry Walton showed a Hackberry bowl transformed by Ambrosia Beatles (like the ones that attack maple) that produced the same effect. Tom Canfield brought a Chinaberry platter showing the crotch feathering quite well.