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James Hampton Acrylic Stopper and Twice Turned Wine Stem James Hampton showed an acrylic bottle stopper and a twice turned wine glass stem.
James Johnson Hat 1 James Johnson Hat 2 James Johnson Siberian Elm Carved Piece James Johnson Box Elder Bowl 1 James Johnson Box Elder Bowl 2 James Johnson had two of his turned hats to show what he will do at the Texas Arts and Crafts Fair. He also showed a turned and carved Siberian Elm piece and two very large and colorful Box Elder bowls.
Jerry DeGroot three different hued bowls from same Walnut log Jerry DeGroot brought three different hued pieces from same log. Note the scalloping of the edge for two of the pieces.
Jimmy Wier spalted pecan platter Kathy Hampton beads Jimmy Wier showed a spalted Pecan platter. Kathy Hampton brought experimental beads separated by the act of drilling.
Paul Hewett Nimits Golf Trophy warhead replacement. Paul Hewett volunteers at the Numitz museum in Fredericksburg. He was asked to make a replacement for the warhead on the naval "Shell" trophy for their golf classic. The original warhead (deactivated) was 29 pounds and made the trophy unstable and dangerous. Paul was able to fashion one out of Mahogany which will be painted black and will be a safe and attractive addition.