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Andy Chen Corian Southwestern Style Form Andy Chen Ash and Corian Form Andy Chen Ash Hollow Forms Andy Chen, our demonstrator, brought a Southwestern style Corian Vase, an Ash and Corian Vessel and two ash hollow forms.
Harold Dykes Stave Segmented form Tom Canfield Bradford Pear and Ash Bowls Tom Canfield Ash with Crotch Feathering Harold Dykes showed a stave segmented that he was testing a new hollowing tool on. Tom Canfield brought a pair of bowls of Bradford Pear and Ash and also a beautifully feathered crotch bowl.
Jerre Williams Four BoxesJerre Williams brought four boxes, an Olive wood box with ebonized finial, two mushroom shaped boxes in Mesquite and Cherry Lauryl with medallions of  Bocote and Poplar, and a Cherry Lauryl box with a medallion of Bocote with excetric arcs inlaced with coral.
Dale Lemons Exploded Hollow form Bob Franke little scoop after a big catch Dale Lemons and Bob Franke wanted to show the results of terrible catches. Dale's hollow form was close to finishing when a mighty catch scattered it around the shop. He glued it together, what he could find of it, and brought it to us to see. Bob's tiny scooop was what he made of the wood he had left after a catch destroyed a bowl and broke his gouge. Even good turners have bad days.