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Tom Canfield chinaberry-walnut bowl Larry Walton anaqua piece Dale Lemons mesquite-quilted maple form Tom Canfield showed a chinaberry bowl that he subdued successfully after several attempts. The thing flew off of the lathe at least twice because of very punky wood. Finally he attached to a small piece of walnut attached to a glue block and finished. He took the bowl to the S&T (called Instant Gallery) at Waco and here it is. Larry Walton’s anaqua piece was of interest in that he was able to get a single work of uniform thinness and striking color out of complex array of limbs. Dale Lemons had a nice surprise and a new piece, The “total” disaster of a horrible catch and explosion of his bowl of last month was retrieved removing the top, and substituting a quilted maple top with a nice turquoise ring to highlight the area of join
.Taylor-Cude died, textured bowl Harold Dykes myrtle bowl Vern Hallmark sycamore bowls George Taylor and L.A. Cude joined forces in an interesting dyed and textured bowl that George wanted to have an “L.A. Finish” on. Because the white wax filling the texturing of the side prevented the lacquer from drying, it was decided that the texturing would have be sanded down. This was done, the lacquer was re-applied and the rest, as they say, is history. Harold Dykes won a piece of myrtle in the July raffle and turned it into a striking
bowl. Vern Hallmark showed a nice pair of sycamore bowls of smooth handwork
.Ken Morton holey myrtle cup Ken Morton ash bat Ken Morton showed two items, an ash bat that I would like to try out and a “holey” myrtle cup.