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 Larry Walton Mulberry burl bowl Sue Bates Box Elder bowl Kirk Bates Mesquite bowl with turquoise  Darryl Korman Walnut bowl with turquoiseLarry Walton showed an attractive Mulberry bowl within a great natural edged piece. Sue Bates brought a Box Elder bowl and a marble holder that took a lot of marbles to do well. Sue's husband Kirk showed a mesquite bowl with a smidge of turquoise. Darrryl Korman also used turquoise in his Walnut bowl.
 Tom Canfield Huisache bowl Tom Canfield Mesquite burl with Mistletoe Roger Felps Pecan with pyrography Uel Clanton Wildebeast flyswatter Cocobolo handle Tom Canfield brought three bowls. First is a Huisache bowl that looks a bit like Mesquite but he says is about 3/4 the density. The other two are natural edged Mesquite and Mistletoe burl and, on a timely suggestion by Roger Felps, are endgrain bowls. Roger Felps brought a Pecan, Western style vase with burned decoration. Uel brought a Cocobolo fly-swisher donated by a passing Wildebeest.
Harold Dykes segmented bowl James Hampton Cherry bowl Dale Lemons Box Elder bowl, very red Ken Morton, magic wand for computer wizard Harold Dykes showed us a beautiful bowl of Yellow Heart, Mesquite, Liptus, Maple, and Ipe. The orientation of the Liptus was end-grain rather than with- the-grain like most segmented bowls. James Hampton brought a natural edged bowl with a tall foot of Cherry from a friend in Missouri. Dale Lemons showed us a really red and super punky Box Elder bowl. Ken Morton made a wand of Bacote to finally admit to his friends at work that his computers are really worked by magic. They were calling him "Magic Morton" so the wand has "MM" carved in the handle. It could be "Wonder Wizard" if you looked at it upside down.
 Jerry DeGroot Ash bowl JJerry DeGroot Ash bowls and ornamenterry DeGroot showed us an Arizona Ash bowl with a natural edge and two smaller bowls of differing style. He also brought a Christmas Ornament.