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Uel Clanton ring holder Padauk Tom Canfield pecan dish with hole from new chuck Roger Felps Mesquite pegged bowl Roger Felps Mulberry vase pyro designs Uel Clanton brought a Padauk jewelry holder with Cocobolo center. Tom Canfield showed a square bowl of Pecan with a hole, the first thing off his new Nova Comet II midi lathe. Roger Felps showed two item, a Mesquite bowl with peg ornament and a vase of non bearing Mulberry wood with great pyrographics.
George Taylor bowl Mesquite with natural holes Jerry DeGroot Mesquite bowl Tom Ridout Ceder of Lebanon bowl Lewis Dodd Mesquiet bowl bought with pain George Taylor brought a Mesquite bowl with natural holes. Jerry DeGroot brought a natural edged Mesquite bowl. Tom Ridout brought a bowl of Ceder of Lebanon wood, a rare chance to see the wood. Lewis Dodd showed us a bowl of Mesquite that he bought with pain and trouble when the tree fell on him and pinned him to the ground till an alert neighbor helped him to get free. Nice bowl, but only Lewis can judge whether it was worth the effort.
Dan Pfeiffer trio of lidded boxes -tree of life series Last, but a long way from least, Dan Pfeiffer showe a trio of lidded boxes from a series he is working on titled "Tree of Life". The boxes are of Walnut, Maple and Monsano decorated with milk paint, crystal and natural limbs.