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Dan Pfeiffer box mixed media "Tree of Life" series Kathy Hampton Spalted Pecan Tommy Jeffers Cube within a cube Walnut James Johnson large Oak burl vessel George Taylor natural Osage Orange bowl Dan Pfeiffer brought two peices, but I missed one in the rush of the meeting. Here is one of Dan's "Tree of Life", a mixed media turning. Kathy Hampton brought a votive candle holder in spalted Pecan, with Jute macrame and bead embellishment. Tommy Jeffers brought a non-turned cube-within-a-cube item made with a drill press and forstner bit. Also in the non-turned items came a heavy bowl carved out of an Oak burl by James Johnson and not quite finished. He never works with Oak but the burl was too good to pass up. George Taylor brought a natural edged bowl of Osage Orange. It will, of course, turn brown but this process can be slowed by UV blockers and dyes.
Tom Canfield wormy mesquite boxes Tom Canfield catch piece Anna Rachinsky examples of Cherry Laurel shrink Anna Rachinsky Pecan and Ash box. Tom Canfield brought a couple of wormy Mesquite bowls and an example of a dilly of a catch in a China Berry piece that caught, ripped off a section of the tenon and flew across the shop. Big oops. Anna Rachinsky showed an example of how much Cherry Laurel shrinks (it holds a lot of water). A happier ending was revealed in her undistorted spalted Pecan box with an  Arizona Ash top.
Uel Clanton Box Elder tea light Roger Farris Box Elder pot Dale Lemons Big Leaf Maple items and Box Elder plate Uel Clanton showed a tea light of well colored Box Elder. Roger Farris brought a pot of Box Elder of a different color.  He didn't like the color but his wife did. Dale Lemons brought some small Big-Leaf Maple peices and a Box Elder plate that turned out to have coloring very much like a sunset scene.
Vern Hallmark showed a bowl of Cedar Elm from a piece given to him by the people at Bayou Bend in Houston (Ima Hoggs historical home). I am sorry I missed the picture and apologize to both Vern and Dan.