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K&S Bates Mesquite bowl shown on antlers K&S Bates square mesquite bowl with turquoise Ken Morton Spalted Hackberry Roger Felps Mesquite bowl featured on AAW mag.Uel Clanton Ipe Tool Handle Paul Hewitt Corian jar tops Paul Hewitt Walnut pepper grinder, Corian button Kirk and Sue Bates presented a pair of mesquite bowls with Turquoise inlay, one displayed with antlers and the other with a square portion. Ken Morton showed a Spalted Hackberry bowl (won at the rafffle) that was intended for his veternarian, but intercepted by his wife. Roger Felps showed an old bowl that he particularly likes and was featured in the AAW magazine. Uel Clanton showed an Ipe tool handle. Paul Hewitt brought a pair of jar lids of Corian and a walnut salt grinder with a corian button to help identify it as salt.
Rich Grable Oak and Mesquite paper towel holders George Taylor Cedar plate George Taylor natural edged Mesquite bowl Tom Canfield Memosa natural edged crotch bowl Tom Canfield end grain Box Elder bowl Jerry DeGroot slab with bullet caused color Box Elder Rich Grable showed a pair of paper towel holders with a cleaver holding bar. George Taylor showed a Cedar plate and a natural edged mesquite bowl. Tom Canfield showed a pentagonal crotch bowl of Memosa and a Box Elder bowl with limited red color that was highlighted by making the bowl end grain. Jerry DeGroot showed an interesting Box elder plank with a limited area of red color apparently started by a Copper jacketed rifle bullet shown in the cross section.
Jerry Maskill Maple ring-bowl  Jerry Maskill Salt Cedar bowl with unnatural natural edge Visotor Jerry Maskill showed a maple ring-bowl along with a salt cedar bowl that started as a natural edge and, when the bark fell off was textured for interest and became an "unnatural edge" bowl