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 Uel Clanton, Mesquite Handle Harold Dykes ColorPly segmented vessel Tom Canfield, Memosa Natural Edged bowl Uel Clanton brought three different sizes of  tool handle, all mesquite. Harold Dykes brought segmented pieces made from ColorPly, the smaller made from cutoffs of the bigger piece; the shape determines the color design; the color ply started out a 3x3x12. Tom Canfield showed a mimosa natural edged bowl.

 James Johnson Diatoms 3and4  James Johnson, Anna Rachinsky Diatom Jewelry Anna Rachinskey, Boxes and Barette James Johnson brought Diatoms #3, 4 and 5 (#1 was last month’s show and tell, #2 didn’t work out), and collaboration with Anna yielded #6 and 7 in a pair of earrings; turning them and putting them together is tricky, the end pieces shrink more than the sleeves, sometimes you have to steam the ends to get them into a workable shape; there is a steep learning curve on these! Anna Rachinsky showed an ash and Indian rosewood hair holder with genuine stones, one of which was given to her at SWAT 2 years ago by LA Cude’s brother-in-law. She also had a lidded box embellished with wood burned ants and trail. And two lidded spalted hackberry boxes, one embellished with a cat catching snails and the other with a cat and dragonflies.