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    Tom Canfield Mesquite Pin and Jig Tom Canfield showed a stick pen. He shared his method of using a jig on the tailstock to help stabilize the long blank for turning.
Harold Dykes happy face segmented cup Harold Dykes made a small segmented bowl with a design that suggested "happy face" when held just right. Funny thing, it also made the same face upside down.
Uel Clanton tail swatter blanks Orange Agate handles Uel Clanton showed two tail swatter blanks illustrating the color of Orange Agate, a rare wood that is cheaper than Cocobolo.
Don Kaiser Cherry bowl Don Kaiser showed a Cherry bowl that had looked bad on the outside and turned out, as you can see, very nice.
Dan Pfeifer, construction Dan Pfeifer, textured construction Here are a couple of constructions illustrating texturing by our demo member of the month, artist Dan Pfeifer.