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 Dale Lemons Maple dyed bowl Tom Canfield Mahogany Saucer Tom Canfield Hollow Form with three axis base Will Aymond Purpleheart/yellowheart rolling pin Dale Lemons brought a dyed maple bowl that had no great grain, so he blended a red and black lacquer to good effect. Tom Canfiled showed a nice Mahognay plate. In church he was inspired to turn a hollow form that seamlessly blends into a three axis turned base. Will Aymond showed us a rolling pin of purple and yellow heart.

Kirk Bates Lamp from WWII bombsight part Ken Morton Red Gum bracelet John Stegall bottle stoppers persimmon and "trash Oak" Phillip Medghalchi Aromatic Cedar bowl Kirk Bates showed a lamp from an old WWII bomber parts with a fuel shitch re-purposed as a light switch and Mesquite highlights. Ken Morton had a precelet of Red Gum from a kit he got from the last SWAT. John Stegall made his first try at bottle stoppers also from a SWAT kit. Woods are persimmon and "trash oak". Philip Medghalchi showed an aromatic cedar while the color was still bright.

George Taylor Box Elder bowl George Taylor Ash decorated form. George Taylor showed two bowls that he made at a Jimmy Clews workshop. The Box Elder bowl was finished with thinned shellac till it would absorb no more, then Danish oil. The ash form has its open grain finished with black lacquer ad the central depression "bowl?" gold gilding wax.