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    Roger Felps Mesquite hollow form Tom Canfield Bradford Pear bowl and mini turning Tom Canfield oval rimmed bowl Bradford Pear George Taylor Box Elder bowl Roger Felps brought a Mesquite burl vase. After he finished the piece, he didn't care for the shape, wanting the  bottom to look the same size as the top. Tom Canfield showed a Pecan "Saucer" (he called it the spalted worm hole) out of scrap wood that he didn't think would hold together. It is shown with a Bradford Pear bowl with a simple rim. He also showed a Bradford Pear bowl with an oval rim was caused from the first-turning shrinkage, which he kept for the rim. George Taylor had an interesting Box Elder bowl with a striking grey half. You never know what is in the blank until you turn it.
John Jones Bloodwood multi-axis goblet. Raul Pena Nautilus and stand (Multi-axis turning) Mark Sfiri multi axis turning  shown by Raul Pena Will Aymond-top Purple/Yellow Heart Betel Nut Ken Morton/Allen Trout Spalted Maple hollow form John Jones showed his off-center turned goblet of Bloodwood. Raul Pena showed a Nautilus with stand and mentioned having turned this with the multi axes turning on the center line and even with one that was 90 degrees from the center line. He has found that the shapes of all of the Nautilus pieces he has turned have fossil records as having existed. Nature beat him to it! Raul also showed a multi-axis piece by Mark Sfiri.
Will Aymond brought a suprisingly heavy laminated top with stand made out of Purple Heart Yellow Heart and Betel Nut. Ken Morton showed a piece of spalted Maple started by Allen Trout in Ken's open shop. The piece required a special jig to be made for sanding the inside and was finished with wipe-on poly and buffed.