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    Uel Clanton Mesquite lamp Dale Lemons Big Leaf Maple Burl bowl and piece Will Aymond Pernambuco stand bowl Roger Arnold Memosa bowl Uel Clanton is using a new format for his oil candles and brought one that is at least in the running for the wormiest piece of Mesquite. Dale Lemons took a stunning piece of Big Leaf Maple burl and made a winged piece and a bowl to show us. Will Aymond showed a lovely bowl with a stand base of Pernumbuco a super expensive and rare and soon-to-be (possibly) outlawed for many uses. We were glad for this use. Roger Arnold tussled with a Memosa bowl and finally after a hard fight with the grain.
James Johnson Siberian Elm and Ebony box a-la-Cindy Drozda Ken Morton Big Leaf Maple nat. edged piece Vern Hallmark Walnut Maple train engine toy Jerry DeGroot Mesquite bowl Tom Canfield 3 axis twist vase James Johnson presented a box of Siberian Elm and Ebony inspired by Cindy Crazda. He claimed that she had nothing to fear from him. Ken Morton showed a natural edged something of Big Leaf Maple. Vern Hallmark brought a train piggy bank of Walnt and Maple that is some prototype. Jerry DeGroot brought a Mesquite "bowl" that was all that was left after subduing a piece of trash Mesquite. Tom Canfield, in a sense, finished his demo of last meeting witha vase with a three axis off-center twist.