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    Roger_Felps_Ambrosia_Map Vern_Hallmark_train Tom_Canfield_Lid_Maple_dyPoplar

Roger Felps started off with two square edged bowls of Ambrosia Maple that took a long time to dry. One has a rim that rolls all the way down to the base of the bowl. He quipped “it was hard to bend in that shape”. Vern Hallmark has finally gotten his Locomotive Bank to his satisfaction. Of Walnut, Maple, Poplar, Pine and Ebony it is a joy to behold. Tom Canfield showed a Lidded bowl of Maple and Dyed Poplar. He used dark blue shoe polish for the dye to good effect.

 Ken_Morton_Big_Leaf_Maple Harold_Dykes_Mulberry?Willow? George_Taylor_Poplar_Bubinga Roger_Arnold_seg_MapleMahogany

Ken Morton showed an attractive little practice bowl of Big Leaf Maple with a hole that was a bark indention. Harold Dykes asked if members could guess the source of the bowl on the left. It was Willow and the one on the right is mulberry with great sprayed lacquer finishes. George Taylor showed a work-in-progress. It wil be the top of a Beads of Courage bowl and is of Poplar, Bubinga and Turquoise.  Roger Arnold brought a segmented bowl with over 200 pieces of Maple and Mahogany. He also was interested in seeing what a platter from “waffle board” would turn out like and he showed that.