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    Roger_Felps_TexturedGinkoBowl George Taylor quarter sawn White Oak Vern Hallmark Pecan bowl Tom Canfield Homemade vacuum adapters

Roger Felps brought a bowl of Ginko, and said it was hard to turn and that he doesn’t recommend turning with it. “Just look the other way” he said. It still came out attractive with a bit of texturing on the top rim. George Taylor showed a quarter sawn White Oak bowl that he said creates a lot of dust when turning. Vern Hallmark showed a Pecan bowl. Finally he got something round to show! Tom Canfield bought a “Frugal” vacuum system at SWAT and decided to make a couple of adapters instead of buying them.

Anna Rachinsky Boxes for mini-birdhouse tops James Hampton square toped vase Nick Huntley "One More Pass" shown by Will Aymond Will Aymond Calif Redwood Vase James Johnson nest of bowls from single core Box Elder

Anna Rachinsky showed several boxes that started from Steve Promo’s birdhouses using the birdhouse lids as lids for little boxes. James Hampton, in honor of Jamie Donaldson, showed a vessel that started as a square taper with a square top, body and base and a dandy finish. Will Aymond showed a wonderful work in memory of Nick Huntley that speaks to all of us, the framed result of “One Last Pass”. He also showed a vase of California Redwood that “tears like crazy”. Finally James Johnson revealed a nest of rough-out bowls derived from a log of box elder.