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    Joel Haby maple square platter Kathy Roberts Box Elder other than red Kathy Roberts Box Elder other than red also Darrell Korman first hollow form, found wood and turqoise inlay Vern Hallmark Pecan Bowl Paul Hewett Bradford Pear Bowl1

Joel Haby presented his first finished piece, a maple platter. Kathy Roberts showed a couple of Box Elder pieces showing colors other than red. She also had a stunning kaleidoscope that we did not get a picture of. Darrell Korman showed his first hollow form of found wood and turquoise inlay. Vern Hallmark showed a pecan bowl that had been so pithy that one piece fell out. He challenged others to find where he had glued it back. Paul Hewett brought two Bradford pear bowls as finish examples. He used Zinsser Seal Coat over which you can use almost any finish, but guard against contaminating the finish container by pouring small amounts of finish into a disposable container.

George Taylor box-o-wine stoppers George Taylor square Poplar platter Bill Cantrell Jobillo pepper grinder Bill Cantrell Granadillo bowl Phillip Medghalchi Red Tip bowl Phillip Medghalchi Bradford Pear bowls

George Taylor brought a box of wine stoppers of various colors. He also had a square platter of dyed Poplar and presented it to Roger Arnold for his hard work coordinating the Donaldson workshop. New member Bill Cantrell made a pepper grinder of Jobillo and a bowl of Grenadillo at Woodcraft classes and decided he was going broke taking classes and it was about time to join a club. Phillip Medghalchi brought a several bowls of Redtip, Bradford Pear, WA Apple, Walnut Burl and an Unknown wood.