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    George Taylor first gilded and patinated platter Tom Canfield spalted sycamore cup Rick Webster, maple box Rick Webster cottonwood bowl

George Taylor's platter was masked, gilded and treated with the appropriate chemicals and buffed etc. It is displayed here as a first effort with whatever caveats one might place on a first effort but it looks great. Tom Canfield showed us a startlingly grained piece of spalted sycamore in the form of a goblet/bowl. Rick Webster has been in the capable hands of Roger Arnold and showed us two pieces, a maple box and a cottonwood bowl.

Raul Pena's cherry box with carved lid  Roger Arnold box elder box with maple finial

Raúl Peña showed us a box that he is in some quandary about the finish. I hope he got some good ideas. The carving on the top is worth highlighting. Roger Arnold did not do all his work teaching Rick. He brought a box elder box with a maple finial.