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    Tom Canfield Sycamore turned and carved Debbie Walker mesquite and turquoise bowl Phillip Medghalchi Two boxes and Cup  Rick Webster Spalted Pecan nat edged bowl   Jerre Williams demo finial turned carved stained

Tom Canfield led off with a turned and carved and a “hollowed in reverse” hunk of sycamore that showed the wood off well at several levels (artistic, technical etc.).Debbie walker used Uel Clanton’s demo of last month to selectively inlay turquoise in a bowl of mesquite to good effect. Phillip Medghalchi showed three small boxes and of highlighted spalted pecan, redtip and a small bowl of spalted hackberry. Rick Webster is coming along with a black jack oak bowl with a natural edge. Jerre Williams has a finished version of the demonstration finial.