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    Uel Clanton maple and mesquite "Tire Thumbers" James Johnson Blackjack Oak bowl James Johnson Walnut Burl hollow form Tom Canfield Pen Turning setup Phillip Sykes demo pen

Uel Clanton showed us a couple of his “Tire Knockers” that RV and Truckers can use to check the general condition of the inner tires of a big rig. This, of course, is just a thin euphemism for a threatening device for prospective boyfriends of daughters. The two euphemisms were in attractive maple and mesquite.  James Johnson showed an interesting “not cereal” bowl (for obvious reasons” that a friend challenged him to make out of a piece of Blackjack oak. He also showed a dandy walnut burl hollow form hollowed out from a thimble sized hole. Finally, Tom Canfield showed us an interesting steady rest that he devised to attach to the lathe bed and present a small ball bearing race to support drilling a deep enough hole in a pen sized piece of wood to allow installing the inner ball-point mechanism from cheap, mass-purchased pens to a nicer holder of hardwood. He pointed out that the wood needs to be very straight and fine-grained. His choice of show-and-tell was well chosen and might stimulate some interesting activity in the light of the excellent demo that followed.  Also shown is one of the demo pens that Phillip Sykes gave the group.