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    Darrell Korman Bois D'Arc gavel plain wood handle Phillip Medghalchi ash and pecan (with walnut rim) boxes Sue Bates messquite bowl with slanted rim George Taylor 2 views airbrushed and gilded platter.

Darrell Korman presented the club with a handsome gavel of bois D’Arc (bowdark or Osage orange) for the gavel part and “wood” he said for the handle:

Phillip Meghalchi showed us a couple of boxes, one of ash and one of pecan with a nice walnut rim.  Susan Bates said she found a piece of mesquite that spoke to her and turned out a bowl with a slanted rim. George Taylor went to Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Tennessee for inspiration. He showed us a nice platter that was airbrushed, textured and gilded. You are looking at the top and the bottom to get the whole effect.

Roger Arnold Texas ebony cup and ambrosia maple bowl Rick Webster, ash bowl and mesquite inlayed platter Tom Canfield cedar "bowl" angle ground, turned repaired

Roger Arnold showed us a Texas ebony cup and an ambrosia maple cup. Rick Webster brought an ash bowl and a mesquite and inlayed platter, his first inlay. Tom Canfield showed us a reconstructed cedar flower bowl that was both ground with an angle grinder and turned and put back together again. No small feat for cedar.