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Wendell White brought an oak burl cup he made from some wood he found in his shop. He also made a cheese board of walnut, birch and purple heart with a nice fish shaped spreader. Tom Canfield showed a “good thumb” bowl of Bradford pear and an acorn shaped box (with a secret compartment) of pecan with a test sample of texturing with a Sorby wheel tool. He got the idea from a SWAT session and showed the handout.

   Wendell White oak bowl Wendell White Cheeseboard Purpleheart and light wood Tom Canfield bradford pear "good thumb" Tom Canfield pecan box with secret compartment

Our intrepid and noble Roger Arnold brought a very nice pierced box (with finial) of myrtle and a bowl of ambrosia maple. Tom Whiting was working on coring a large piece of Arizona ash and brought three of the bowls it produced. The largest piece showed a strange symmetrical rectangular aspect that looked like someone had once fastened a piece of lumber to the young tree that grew around it over the years. This explanation seems confusing though, when you can see the growth rings of the original tree seamlessly grow through the area. Take a look!

Roger Arnold pierced bowl and finial of myrtle Roger Arnold ambrosia maple bowl Tom Whiting Arizona ash bowl with strange markings Tom Whiting cores from same bowl with markings