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James Johnson showed a beautiful box elder bowl with a large filled area at the base. Joel Haby brought a bottle stopper of cocobolo with maple Celtic knot. Rick Webster brought two bowls of different style from box elder along with a strange shot-glass-toothpick-holder whatever also box elder.Wendell White showed a little cabinet handle made from a construct of white and black countertop material. He also had two tiny bird house ornaments of mesquite, box elder, alder and ebony held by tiny fishing line that he knotted and stuffed the not in a tiny hole and fastened it with CA glue. No eyelet! Barbara Hausman showed two large cedar ornaments with glass finials and beautiful maple leaves in pyrography and water soluble colored pencil. Her husband Ralph turned and she decorated. Roger Arnold showed a bowl of Oregon cherry.

 James Johnson box elder with filled area Joel Haby cocobolo bottle stopper with Celtic knot   Rick Webster bowls with box elder and spalted ?   Rick Webster box elder shot glass ? Wendell Whit cabinet handle, bird houses Barbara Hausman cedar ornaments, great pyrography Roger Arnold Oregon cherry bowl

 Phil Taylor showed a bowl of English walnut. Two striking pieces by Merle Olson were both of beautifully colored Chinese pistache with Waterlox finish. The first, a bowl, was large and thin and graceful. The second, a hollow form was made to display a later ornament coming out of the “bowl”. Will Aymond brought an elevated platter of rare and expensive pernambuco raised off the ground by a well-balanced foot of black-dyed mesquite. John Stegall showed an unfinished bowl of walnut.

 Phil Taylor English walnut bowl Merle Olson Chinese pistache bowl, waterlox finish  Merle Olson, Chinese pistache hollow form Will Aymond unfinished pernambuco bowl John Stegall walnut bowl Tom Whiting mesquite and turquoise bowl

Kathy Roberts had two bowls, one of pecan and the other of walnt with turquoise inlays and natural edge to one side.

Kathy Roberts, pecan and natural edge (side) walnut